Sensory Oscillating Multi-Modulation (SOMM) is used to reduce stress, release blockages and increase your energy levels. With eight recognized forms of therapy, ranging from music, relaxation, note, tonal, vibrational, magnetic resonance, micro-massage and far infrared therapy, the iLifeSOMM is a powerful device leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and recharged within minutes.

How does it work?

The iLifeSOMM technology is based on an integral view of physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, psychology and theology to combine harmonizing therapy methods to heal your body. By harmonizing your senses, you are better able to balance the regulation of your body’s systems. By sending vibrations of a specific frequency to the detuned or diseased part of the body, we can help this area to restore the harmonious pattern in it and reduce the dis-ease.

Within 12 minutes the iLifeSOMM supports the natural functions of the body such as: deep relaxation, metabolism in the cells, flow of energy and detoxification allowing your body, mind and soul to come into balance.

Experience deep relaxation

The music played through the headphones relaxes the mind and soul laying the foundation for healing to occur.

Promote circulation and metabolism

The magnetic field resonance within the mat can increase your energy balance and boost metabolism and circulation by reaching every single cell of the body. This in turn can result in an improvement of the immune system while strengthening the body’s defenses.

Unblock energy flow

For organs and control circuits to be supplied with energy, it needs to flow freely. Release existing physical and mental blockages with the calming sounds emanating through the headphones, micromassage pulsing across your body and the tones and vibrations coming up through the mat.

Detoxify your body

The far infrared heat radiation lamp releases gases and toxins encapsulated in water molecules within your body and accelerates their discharge. Safe pinpointed elevation of body temperature using this lamp can kill or at least greatly inhibit bacteria and viruses.

How can it help me?

Use the iLifeSOMM if you have wound healing disorders, arthritis, migraines, back pain, chronic pain, gynecological disorders, degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system and spine and more.

Sessions are great for:

  • Busy professionals: manage stress in an efficient and healthy way, burnout prevention, promote concentration at work, clear tension
  • Increasing quality of life into old age: reduce regular medications, lower cholesterol levels, regulate blood pressure and relieve spine, joint and muscular tension
  • Back pain: sciatica and issues with intervertebral discs can be resolved after as few as 5 applications
  • Relief for those with insomnia and other sleep disorders

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