I am always greeted with kindness, a cup of tea and helpful information. The spa-like atmosphere is very comfortable, clean and calming. Most importantly the beds work!My first session using the PEMF mat allowed me to experience total body relaxation while reducing pain immediately.I have used two different beds that Healthy Balance offers for two months on an as needed basis for pain and low energy including; sinus headache, cold infection, low back pain, as well as balancing out mind and body tension.I am so grateful for this resource that is quick and effective in treatment, getting me back to my best self. Highly recommended!!
Respectfully, Jamie
Last summer, June, July and August of 2018 I received weekly treatments from Mathieu Courtois for post surgery kidney stone removal. I was experiencing soreness, pain and fatigue from the surgery. Mathieu treated me with magnetic mats and gemstone lamps each treatment lasting one hour or more. By August, I definitely was much better. Each week during the summer I was noticing gradual ,yet sustainable improvement. I would recommend these therapeutic modalities for anyone with any type of condition. Mathieu was extremely professional. My practice in alternative health care for over 29 years has given me experience with numerous modalities such as electric current, Infrared, Tens, essential oils and nutritional. Mathieu's modalities rate high with me.Sincerely,Thomas KaptainTexas Center for Neuromuscular Therapy
Sincerely, Thomas

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